Fattoria Italiana Martelli arises from the passion of Roberto – of Lucanian origins and born into a family who have always owned vast lands with citrus groves, olive tree groves and plots for the cultivation of wheat – and Ludovica – graduate in Food Science and Technology, she represents the fourth generation of a family of farmers from Abruzzo.

Their mission is to produce and bring to the table of gourmets local food and wine specialities both in Italy and abroad. These specialties join the Italian tradition of good food with quality, innovation and sustainability.

In its own small way Fattoria Italiana Martelli wants to contribute to a “more sustainable world” and has chosen not to use metal cans for its extra virgin olive oil but carton, which is easily recyclable. The filtration of the oil is carried out with cotton, a 100% natural material that is easily disposable. The choice of plastic-free lables represents a way to reduce the presence of plastic.

The main products of
Fattoria Italiana Martelli

Wine and Cooked Must

The territory benefits from a dramatic swing in temperature variation during the course of a day, which guarantees that the grapevines have an ideal microclimate when associated with a good flow of air so that they grow and produce grapes of extraordinary quality. Among the top quality world famous wines of Abruzzo, Fattoria Italiana Martelli presents its red wines Montepulciano DOC, Montepulciano DOC RISERVA, reminiscent of ripe cherries with a spicy hint; its white wines Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGP, defined by aromas of white flowers and white peach with a hint of citrus and tropical fruits; Pecorino Spumante brut, ideal as an aperitif but also paired with seafood such as oyster. Cooked Must, also known as grape honey, is made from Montepulciano grapes thanks to a 16-hour low flame boiling process of grape must in copper cauldrons.


The particular pedoclimate – with its hills that overlook the Trabocchi Coast and not far from the mountains – and the olivegrowing techniques – from harvest, which always happens directly from the plant, to immediate milling – contribute to the making of the best produce in terms of its acid composition, phenolic profile and flavour. Fattoria Italiana Martelli produces not only extra virgin olive oil, but dressings made with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemons and oranges from its own citrus groves in Basilicata; dressings made with oil and chili pepper, basil, rosemary or truffle are also produced. Production also includes olives, olive paté.


Fattoria Italiana Martelli has beehives in the Abruzzo territory for its MULTIFLORAL HONEY, while every year in spring the beehives for CITRUS, HONEYSUCKLE and SUNFLOWER honey are transported to the family property in Basilicata, a region renowned for its production of citrus fruits. 30% of the Abruzzo territory presents a complex system of Parks and Natural Reserves and thanks to the biodiversty of the flora, it is possible to obtain excellent honey.

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