Fattoria Martelli

A family tradition

Fattoria Italiana Martelli :

An enormous passion that's been with us for four generations.

  • 1930

    This year represents for the Salerno family the beginning of the sales of their own products grown in Basilicata. Their business consisted mainly of the fruit and vegetables grown on their own land with many sacrifices, but also of the cultivation of vast plots of land of wheat to make flour, which was then sold in the nearby markets.

  • 1958

    Domenico, Ludovica's great-grandfather, opened his first olive oil mill; the business increased with her grandfather Federico, owner of vast plots of land with vineyards and olive trees.

  • 1960-1995

    In these years Roberto's grandfather and father increase their business by selling fruit and vegetables in Northern Italy.

  • 1960-1995

    Ludovica's father, Domenico Martelli specialised in the production of extra virgin olive oil, renovates the business in 1995 by building a new olive oil mill and begins to make his product known outside the Abruzzo region.

  • 2020

    Passion for land and for the production of genuine food continues in Roberto, who decides to establish with Ludovica Fattoria Italiana Martelli, a business managed by two young people but based on the values handed down from their families. Ethics, quality and sustainablity characterise Fattoria Italiana Martelli.

Ci sei mancato

è tutto dove l'hai lasciato.

Welcome back,
We missed you

it's all where you left it.