Honeysuckle Honey


Packaging: 250g jars.

Organoleptic characteristics:

Colour can vary from clear to straw yellow when liquid; from white to light beige when crystallized. Its delicate scent presents hints of straw and vegetal components. It is characterised by a delicate aroma, which recalls fruity and vegetal components.

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Origin: Italy, during the flowering season the beehives are transported to Molise, region full of honeysuckle.

Efflorescence: May – June.

Storage: does not tolerate heat and humidity. Store in a cool and dry place. It crystallizes rapidly, forming medium or fine -grained crystals.

Packaging: 250g jars.

Ingredients: Honey

Minimum storage period: 36 months

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and away from heat sources

Honeysuckle honey is a honey that crystallizes rapidly, forming medium or fine crystals. When it is still liquid, it varies in colour from clear to straw yellow, and then changes to white-beige when it crystallizes. It should be remembered that cristalization is a natural process and shows that honey is a genuine product that does not undergo industrial processing. Due to their composition, some types of honey do not cristalize while for others  it can be a more or less quick process.

Honeysuckle honey has a very delicate taste, with vegetal and fruity notes, while its aroma accents vegetal and straw notes.

Nutrition statement average values per 100g of product: Calories 304 Kcal / 1272 Kj – Fat 0g of which saturated 0g – Carbohydrates 84.2g of which sugars 82.12g – Fiber 0.2g – Protein 0.3g – Salt 0.004g

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