Honeysuckle Honey


Organoleptic characteristics:

Colour can vary from clear to straw yellow when liquid; from white to light beige when crystallized. Its delicate scent presents hints of straw and vegetal components. It is characterised by a delicate aroma, which recalls fruity and vegetal components.


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Origin: Italy, during the flowering season the beehives are transported to Molise, region full of honeysuckle.

Efflorescence: May – June.

Storage: does not tolerate heat and humidity. Store in a cool and dry place. It crystallizes rapidly, forming medium or fine -grained crystals.

Interesting facts: honeysuckle honey is rich in iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese, which make it an excellent ally for athletes and sportspeople. Vitamins A, C, and some from group B are also present, which are fundamental to our bodies. It has a depurative and detoxifying effect, as well as being a valuable source of energy that is easily assimilable. It is known to have diuretic and laxative effects and is recommended for the treatment of pimples and acne. As for all types of honey, it is also recommended for sore throats and coughs.

Packaging: 50 g – 250 g- 500 g jars.

Honeysuckle honey is a honey that crystallizes rapidly, forming medium or fine crystals. When it is still liquid, it varies in colour from clear to straw yellow, and then changes to white-beige when it crystallizes. It should be remembered that cristalization is a natural process and shows that honey is a genuine product that does not undergo industrial processing. Due to their composition, some types of honey do not cristalize while for others  it can be a more or less quick process.

Honeysuckle honey has a very delicate taste, with vegetal and fruity notes, while its aroma accents vegetal and straw notes.

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50 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr


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