Citrus Honey


Organoleptic characteristics:

Colour can vary from almost colourless to straw yellow when liquid; from white to light beige when crystallized. It is characterised by a floral aroma, reminiscent of the flowers used to produce it but which fades as time goes by and turns into a more fruity scent. It tastes very sweet, with a pleasant acidulous edge, and retraces the characteristics of its typical aroma.


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Origin: Italy, during the flowering season the beehives are transported to Basilicata, region full of citrus trees. Efflorescence: April – May. Storage: does not tolerate heat and humidity. Store in a cool and dry place. It crystallizes after a few months, often forming a mass of fine -grained crystals. Interesting facts: citrus honey has a relaxing and calming effect and is often used to ease anxiety and contrast headaches and insomnia. It is believed to stimulate appetite and help digestion after a large meal. Useful in the treatment of flu as it calms coughs and has antibacterial properties Packaging: 50 g – 250 g- 500 g jars. Citrus honey is made by bees with the nectar collected from different kinds of citrus trees, for example orange, lemon, mandarin. As sooon as it is produced and is still liquid it has a very pale colour, varying from colourless to straw yellow. When it is crystallised it can be white or clear beige. Its taste, very sweet with a pleasant sourness, recalls the characteristics of its typical aroma. It has a distinctive floral scent reminiscent of the flowers from which it is produced while a more fruity scent is developed later on. Download Data Sheet

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50 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr


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